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Page 2 <br />ITEM 2. PROCLAMATIONS <br />ITEM 2d 20th Anniversary of National Public Lands Day — September 28 <br />Hayek: (reads proclamation) <br />Karr: Here to accept, representing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jeff Peck. <br />(applause) <br />Peck: I'll just keep it really short and sweet. Um ... 20 year anniversary of National <br />Public Lands Day, we couldn't do the things that we do out at Coralville Lake <br />with all the public lands that we manage if it weren't for the community of Iowa <br />City and all the volunteers and ... the, and everything that they put forth in helping <br />us to maintain those lands, and for you to provide us with this proclamation, um, <br />recognizing 20 years of National Public Lands Day means a lot to everybody. So <br />they are your lands — please come out and enjoy them and we'll continue to <br />protect them and make them viable for this community for a number of years to <br />come. Thank you. <br />Hayek: Thank you! Thanks for coming. <br />This represents only a reasonably accurate transcription of the Iowa City City Council <br />formal meeting of September 17, 2013. <br />