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Page 1 <br />ITEM 2. PROCLAMATIONS <br />ITEM 2b National Hispanic Heritage Month — September 6 through October <br />15 <br />Hayek: (reads proclamation) <br />Karr: Here to accept the proclamation is Human Rights Commission Member, Jewell <br />Amos. (applause) <br />Hayek: Thank you, Jewell! Thanks for being here! <br />Amos: I'd like to thank all of you, and um, the reason why I wanted to accept this for the <br />Commission is because my mom was from Puerto Rico and she moved here in <br />1959 with my dad after they got married, and she dealt with a lot of <br />discrimination while I was growing up, and it has changed a lot, um, in her <br />lifetime and it just means the world to me to be able to hold this. Thank you. <br />Hayek: Thank you, Jewell. (applause) <br />This represents only a reasonably accurate transcription of the Iowa City City Council <br />formal meeting of September 17, 2013. <br />